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Peter and the Starcatcher
New London Barn Playhouse, 2019
Written by Rick Elice
Based on the Novel by Dave Barry & Ridley Pearson
Music by Wayne Barker
Directed by Kathryn Markey
Musical Direction by Robbie Cowan
Scenic Design by Jordan Janota
Costume Design by Dustin Cross
Lighting Design by Keith Truax
Sound Design by Benvolio Montmagny
Fight Direction by Paul West
Dialect Coaching by Dale Coye
Production Stage Manager: Brian R. Sekinger
Assistant Stage Manager: Brian Hanshaw
Stage Management Intern: Daniella Berman
ANIMAL PUPPETEER: Caroline Attayek
BILL SLANK: Bradley Betros
HAWKING CLAM: Matthew Carp
SÁNCHEZ: Nick Cortazzo
SMEE: Cara DiPietro
GREMPKIN: Lauren Echausse
FIGHTING PRAWN: Stephanie Everett
BOY (PETER): Darron Hayes
MACK: Hannah Hunt
MOLLY ASTER: Sabrina Koss
TEACHER: RhonniRose Mantilla
CAPTAIN SCOTT: Haley McCormick
TED: Justin Norwood
PRENTISS: Trevin Parker
BLACK STACHE: Grayson Powell *
ALF: Alec Michael Ryan
MRS. BUMBRAKE: Scott Sweatt
* Member Actors' Equity Association    + Member USA     ++ Member SDC
In this production, there was very little permanent scenery and the actors created the world around them using objects such as trunks, ropes, ladders, boards, and other nautical-themed whozits and whatzits. The magic came from the audience not knowing what the next location would be until we landed there and meant objects were almost constantly moving around the stage. Since many objects looked similar and tracking mattered, we numbered all similar-looking kinds of things. This included 14 ladders the actors manipulated. This numbering system was sent out to the whole production and creative team so we could reference it in meetings and reports. For example, "An actor will use Ladder #1 to climb down from the balcony."
Starcatcher Ladder Map
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