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A Doll's House, Part 2
Northern Stage, 2019
Written by Lucas Hnath
Directed by Peter Hackett ++
Scenic Design by David Arsenault +
Costume Design by Kate Fry +
Lighting Design by Harold Burgess II +
Sound Design by Emma Wilk +
Video Design by Alek Deva
Wig Design by Mary Schilling-Martin
Production Stage Manager: Brian R. Sekinger
Assistant Stage Manager: Kyla Mermejo-Varga
NORA: Robynn Rodriguez *
TORVALD: Stephen Lee Anderson *
ANNE MARIE: Patti Perkins *
EMMY: Monique St. Cyr *
* Member Actors' Equity Association    + Member USA     ++ Member SDC
Don't let the small cast size deceive you! Although broad strokes staging is easy to track (a cross here, a cross there) this show is all about the minutia of what the actors do on stage. What actors see, what actors see other actors see, how much an actor is turned out, where are their hands, how much are their shoulders tilted, etc. become incredibly important to the storytelling and therefore things to look out for when maintaining the show. There's also the tricky task of where do you hide water for an actress who never leaves the stage when the show is being done in the round.
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